What's faster, a variable or a label?

Would creating a hiden lable to pull text from be better for lag then creating a vairiable? If not, what would be the best option for variables you only need on one page?

Hi @gaerrick - this won’t get much attention here so I’m going to move it to it’s own topic.

I would imagine that creating a variable is the fastest way to go - but can you tell us a bit more about your use case?


I think i know what you mean. The lag you experience is due to “redrawing” the UI. When you change a label, that will often cause a slight delay as the screen is essential repainted on to the screen. At least, that’s how it works in my head. I expreience this consistnetly when changing labels. There is a very very slight lag depending on where the new label text is coming from. If it’s a cloud variable or firebase, this is slow. Up to .2 seconds. If it is a stored/app variable, it can be as fast as .1 second.

In my todo app, you will see that the app clones the rows way faster than it adds all the text to the labels in the rows.

I made a change last week that makes setting/getting label values much faster than it used to be.

Handling app variable speed is a priority (stored variables and cloud variables will always operate at the speed you see them now). We’re going to handle the roll out carefully - our previous fix broke other things in unexpected ways. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline for that change yet.


@paulmw, thanks for the response! It’s not bad, tbh. I think it just takes creativity and learning how to jit (?) data within thunkable. we can load the data from stored variables and save them to function or app type as long as we also remember ot then save that data. or, on an app type change, the app could update the stored variable in the background?

idk, just spitballing ideas here to help users speed things up. I tend to use the function type variables as they are quick but they are ‘out of scope’ as soon as the user leaves that scren