What will happen if I leave a page before it completes the programmed blocks?

One of my app’s page has a lot of blocks to finish before navigate to the next page. But that page is already exist in the bottom tab navigator. What will happen if a user clicks and go to the 2nd page before the 1st page completes it’s work?

Will it be still working in the background? If not, How can I make it run in the background? Cuz I want to make it feels faster app for my user. I don’t want to make them feel that the app is slower.

Hi @dhanushan48608nkfw, thanks for reaching out. Currently, if you user leaves the screen, any previous functions or blocks will not continue working in the background while the user is on a different screen.


What would happen for asynchronous calls just as writting to a Airtable cell? If we have a “navigate to” block after a setCell call….I guess the setCell will still complete the process correct?

Thank you for your respond, How to make a block running in the background so the user can experience a faster app?

Hi there, the blocks won’t run in the background if you are on another screen. Unfortunately, this is just not something Thunkable apps are capable of at this time.

That’s a pity, Thanks for your respond. I hope It’ll be available in the future

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