What is the code for reward video full watch

I Want ot create a Quize app through thunkable X in which i want to create a Screen & monetize it with Reward Video only.

when the button is clicked on screen 1 then Load the Reward Video & after watching the whole video the next screen 2 will open & if the whole video not full watched then the screen 2 will not be opened + if once the reward video is watched then no need to watch the reward video again…

Like a Game, i want to add a condition in which if the reward video is watched then next screen will open otherwise not open and if already watched the reward video then no need to watch again reward video until reset the app.

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I m tryng the same and i dont know how to!

@Manish_Kumar3 & @Leito

I used the following blocks to show that the rewarded video app gives the user 10 coins for watching an Ad all the way to the end: