WebView Calendar

Hey All! I was just playing around with putting calendars in to my apps. Here is the start that I wanted to share!

First I am working on getting the calendar to look good on a phone. Then will be feeding it events to display. then, outputting info on clicked events!

Check it out here! more details soon!

This is just the start!! Also, it’ll be a lowcode approach to having a calendar in Thunkable. Only a little code. :slight_smile:

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i’m getting this on my android galaxy s20!

You’re getting that in a web preview. You’d want to see it on your phone in the companion app. Lemme know how it looks there :slightly_smiling_face:

I clicked preview on device, started thunkable from my phone and typed the 7 character code. Here’s what I get from the actual device.

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This is how it looks in Thunkable Live on my iPhone 11:

That’s crazy! Every phones different huh?

Back to the drawing board!!!

You can use Google calendar if you do not need interaction with the app

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Definitely not enough interaction :wink:

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You can easily feed events using Google scripts and it will show in the calendar when viewing it through the web viewer.

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Hmm… this might work. But not so easily with scripts. I plan to use the google calendar api. I recently figured out a google oauth setup using a tiny web service as a backend to assist. I’ll share it soon! Thanks for the reminder!

And I wonder how well I can do CRUD activities via that interface? I’ll have to investigate. But my idea is that calendars shouldn’t have to be freely available to be accessed and oauth gives us that ability!

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