WebP image extension

I’m trying to share image from quickchat.io which is in webP format.

Ideally I want that image to be displayed on a image component and when I click share button I want that image to be shared using share component but it is outputting .null type file extension by using this approach any suggestion thank you

I did try new file component but it is showing file type mismatch I’m just not sure what is wrong

@tiny_apps I believe we are also supporting you in this issue through another channel but to confirm, our team is looking into this issue and we will update you once we know more and once we are able to determine when we can release a fix. Thank you!

Thanks Matt, appreciate the help

The issue is …share image component can share image from assets… but when you put any other image like url image or image of image component the extension is .null and doesn’t share it as image

Share image workaround…

Issue… when you click share image of a component for example image component it does not give correct file extension… The image will be coded as.null extension and does not get shared properly

Use resize component and then share that works and the extension will be the way you want like.png…