Webb Testing differs alot from the Thunkable Live App

Hi All,
need to know if this error is identified yet.
The Web Testing Screen is totally different than the Thunkable APP testing Screen. Any ideas why. (See screenshot)
Thanks Stefan

Hi @stefansladdeneng1

Are you using % to style the height of those rows?

Hello - Yes i do. All rows are between 5-10% of the relative hight. i have added margins of 3-5% to build some air into the screen. In total that require 99% of the screen. And you have seen the the result is what we want - Do you have more ideas…??

Thanks for reporting this - we’re actively working on improving the Web Preview experience at the moment, so hopefully someone will be able to get this fixed shortly.

Have you opened an issue on Github about this?

Hi there… no i did not. can u send me a link? and i’ll fix it…

Hello Domhnall
Any news on this one? And you where mentioning the GitHub…Any link (i dont know wht you are refering to…really)

Sorry Stefan - here’s the link: