Web API to retrieve the contents of a Google Doc

My ultimate goal is to import and GPX file into Thunkable.

One less-than-ideal solution is to cut-and-paste it into a textbox and read it in. I’m trying to find a better, automated solution. I’m also looking for a solution with little to no manipulation of the GPX file.

Is it possible to to use the WebAPI blocks to import the contents of a Google Doc?

I tried using a Data Source of a Google Sheet. This would work for files under 50,000 characters. But the files I need to import are larger than 50k.

Any thoughts?

This might be useful: GPS navigation offline

Thanks for the link tatiang. I already have the GPX files, so AllTrails doesn’t really help.

The big question is how to get ANY sort of file into Thunkable (GPX, JSON, CSV, whatever). Currently I am using cut-and-paste. But I’d rather have a more elegant solution if possible.

Yeah, there really needs to be an import function for a local db (database). I don’t think there’s any way to do it besides copying and pasting and I don’t know what the limits are for that.

If your app functions when connected to the Internet and your data is accessible from an API or can be entered into a Google Sheet / Airtable, then this is simple. But for offline use, it’s another story.

Unfortunately, the GPX file sources don’t have a webAPI (that I can find) and getting the data into a google sheet requires parsing, so i’m not saving any effort.

Thanks for the suggestions.