Web API 'response' buffer clear

I am using a Web API block to retrieve information from a device. The information is retrieved successfully when connected to the proper WiFi network. However, if I switch the WiFi to a different network and try to retrieve the same information from the previous network, the Web API ‘response’ will provide old data from the previous request on the other network. The same is true for the ‘status’ and ‘error’ outputs.
Is there a way to clear the ‘response’ buffer after each send?

Hey @tronman53 Thanks for taking the time to report this! :+1:

I think you might have discovered a bug - do you mind creating an minimum working example and sharing it here so we can test?

Also, if you have any info on the platforms that this affects that would be really helpful too.

Once verified we can investigate whether or not a fix is feasible.

Finally, is this behaviour blocking you from completing your current Thunkable project? Does you app need/specifically ask users to swap WiFi networks?

Hey domhnallohanlon,
Yes it is blocking me from completing my project.
It is a thermostat control app. It communicates with several devices, each on its own ip address, so yes it does switch ip addresses but not networks.
I have one actual thermostat to work with, the others are simulated responses from a server.
It is the information from the server that is being the ‘ghost data’.
But the Web API block, seems to retain this data and respond as though new received data.
I do have a simple project just to troubleshoot this issue.
I will share the project so you can test.
It is a public project called ‘network’.
The problem is when running this on my iPad.
I have run this app on my android without issue.

I am running this app now on my iPad. The ip address i use for successful data is
The app will format the request as
When the iPad is on the correct network, I will get a good response. If I turn the wifi off and send the request, it will respond with ‘Network request fail’ as it should.

When I change the ip address to with the wifi on, I will get a good response from the server with the simulated response.
When I turn the wifi off and send the same request, I will still get a good response displayed.
I should get ‘Network request fail’ but instead I get the ‘ghost data’.

I have a screen video of my iPad showing this problem.
Not sure where to attach it. its about 78M
Here are the code blocks.

Getting the same isue, there is a solution already?

Hi @Adria_Tc

Can you provide a minimal app that demonstrates this issue? I haven’t seen this happening lately.