Weather forecast

I watched the videos
the APIKEy to take the temperature from the site
I would like to know if it is possible to take rain or sun or cloud data

I’ve used their weather icons… is that what you mean?

I intend to take the forecasts, even the icons, and if possible have the forecasts for a given day

I haven’t worked with forecasts. I’ve only gotten current conditions.

But this topic is all about getting the weather icon:

I would like to retrieve the data in bold

{“coord”:{“lon”:-0.0918,“lat”:51.5128},“weather”:[{“id”:500,“main”:“Rain”,“description”:“light rain”,“icon”:“10n”}],“base”:“stations”,“main”:{“temp”:5.27,“feels_like”:4.47,“temp_min”:3.95,“temp_max”:6.25,“pressure”:998,“humidity”:79},“visibility”:10000,“wind”:{“speed”:1.34,“deg”:274,“gust”:5.36},“rain”:{“1h”:0.18},“clouds”:{“all”:40},“dt”:1638654025,“sys”:{“type”:2,“id”:2019646,“country”:“GB”,“sunrise”:1638604085,“sunset”:1638633211},“timezone”:0,“id”:2643741,“name”:“City of London”,“cod”:200}

if I recover the temperature with these blocks, because I cannot recover the other data as well

I’m reposting your JSON text with smart quotes removed since the forum software seems to mess that up:

{"coord":{"lon":-0.0918,"lat":51.5128},"weather":[{"id":500,"main":"Rain","description":"light rain","icon":"10n"}],"base":"stations","main":{"temp":5.27,"feels_like":4.47,"temp_min":3.95,"temp_max":6.25,"pressure":998,"humidity":79},"visibility":10000,"wind":{"speed":1.34,"deg":274,"gust":5.36},"rain":{"1h":0.18},"clouds":{"all":40},"dt":1638654025,"sys":{"type":2,"id":2019646,"country":"GB","sunrise":1638604085,"sunset":1638633211},"timezone":0,"id":2643741,"name":"City of London","cod":200}

One way to avoid that is to add three tick marks (```) before and after the JSON text. Or select your text and click the Preformatted text button in the post toolbar:


When I put that reformatted text into Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online, I get this:

You can see that when I clicked on “description” on that site, it provides the path to that property at the top. So it’s (object)–>weather–>[first list item]–>description.

Try this property in the get property of object block: “weather[1].description” or “weather[1].icon”. You can use multiple get property of object blocks as in your screenshot but you don’t have to. My method is a shortcut where you add all properties and list indexes in a single text string.

Here’s a demo project (see the screen with your username in the title):

Note: I removed your APP ID from the Web_API1’s URL block. It’s up to you but you may want to remove it from your post above since anyone can then use your APP ID/key.

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Thank you so much

I tried to insert the following link for the forecast 3 days from today, but it gives me an API error, are there any restrictions for use?

Example link from the site by inserting my ApiKey

[{API key}]([{API key}](Members))


{“cod”:401, “message”: “Invalid API key. Please see Frequently Asked Questions - OpenWeatherMap for more info.”}

can you clarify the subject?

Have you paid for a subscription? The free version of OpenWeatherMap does not allow you to get daily forecast data for 16 days which I think is what you’re trying. Instead, use the free 5 day forecast:

So an example that works for me is:{API%20key}

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