🎨 WDC #16 Can you re-create Fahad's Pomodoro Timer App?

You could also stop the phone from locking. (There’s a block for that.) For me, if I’m working at my computer, the phone screen staying on is OK since the phone is plugged in.


I admit I tried. My acquaintances in programming are obviously at a very low level. Unfortunately I couldn’t handle it. It remained inoperable for IOS. I will be grateful if you help me with this. And I am convinced that it will be useful for many others in the community!

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Yes this is a workaround for which user will waste their phone battery on something so basic and available in much more efficient applications.

@Balanced_Kitchen to be fair, you seem to have conveniently ignored this important caveat:

How did you get on with the Zapier integration approach?


Did you try that approach tchind linked with Zapier?

It also seems to me one could use OneSignal to send a push notification. The API reference shows a delay_after parameter that could be used. This is probably not suitable for a 30 second timer, but for traditional pomodoro method, a OneSignal notification would probably work OK!

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I also use IFTTT to give notifications on the screen.

With a PRO IFTTT account you can create JavaScript filters which can integrate many apps together.

As I failed to cope, as I mentioned, my knowledge in the field is limited and I will need a lot of time which I do not have at the moment. Therefore, I will be infinitely happy to find here in this subject that someone has achieved what I have failed at. The projects on display are truly unique, as are the ideas proposed. I can only congratulate you on this and wish you success. :+1:


Not a problem. You can send reminders through zapier in thunakable even in locked screen …

Most of all, Its not complicated and is very easy.

100% Guarantee of working… :grin: :grin:

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