Video recorder new feature

The new video recorder feature looking very exciting, Still really hoping for a screenshot feature to take screenshot within the app and share,
thanks for your hard work

Hey @badbrains,

When you say

What do you expect this feature to do and what are you looking to achieve? There are a few examples out at the moment for exporting and sharing images and canvas screenshots.

Hi, what I really need is a component that takes a screenshot of the app screen on a button click or other event and opens the media share options. I think there was an extension that did this on the classic platform. I know this can be done using iPhone screenshot but would be much cleaner from in app. Just putting it out there again I know it has been mentioned before.

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I get you. This has already been requested on Thunkable GitHub here. I suggest you give this a :+1: on the GitHub topic. Hope this helps, Eoin.

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