Variable value changed while storing it in firebase DB

Hello, thunkbale community, i am currently working on a multiplayer quiz game, where two users can play global quiz with each other.
So, for doing this, i am storing their user IDS in an object Waiting in firebase, and then when there are 2 participants in the Waiting, i am collecting their IDS and making a unique match id of 8 chars using random chars, and then storing the match id as value of their user id in a new object Players current match ID
I have two demo users now, one with user ID: o9=>i!tk and one with
Now the problem is that, when i store their user IDS in players current match ID, the user id o9=>i!tk stores wrong ID, can u please help.

Some screenshots for more information about code and result

The Firebase result is like this:

The random match ID stored in o9=>i!tk is wrong and that of other is true,

Can anyone please tell why its happening?

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