Using Thunkable with Rapid API

Hi, I’m trying to get Thunkable to work with RapidAPI but I’m stuck with a basic issue.

What I’m trying to do in the app for example, is have a textbox which people can key the ticker code eg. MSFT (Microsoft), and return a specific piece of information.

The API endpoint I’m trying to utilise is

Where I’m stuck and where I’m not familiar with is how the query in the API works. I understand I need to first get the URL, which is Then combine it with queries of the ticker code (MSFT) and I believe the MIC code (XNAS).

I’m stuck as I’m not sure how to combine both MSFT and XNAS into the URL so that the overall URL is correct. Believe there is a need to have “?” or something to the effect? Have provided the screenshots below for reference of what I see and what I’m trying to build for the blocks and where I’m stuck.




would you like share your solution?

yes, please share. Would be most grateful!

i figured it out myself. i used the rapidapi version of openweathermap as an example.

note that the header parameters section calls for 2 parameters: x-rapidapi-host and x-rapidapi-key. these will go to the webapi headers block.

the minimum required query parameter is q (the place being queried) and its value. this will go to the webapi parameters block.

the url in the unirest statement will go to the webapi url block.

note that i added an APPID parameter and its value in the query section (It’s required by openweather.api).

i had already figured out what the json response looks like by reading the api docs from openweather so it wasn’t hard to code the json processing portion.

if you’re interested what the block looks like if you query openweather directly (you have to register first to obtain an APPID), this is how it’s done in “native” mode (without going through rapidapi)