Unicode web Conversion

Text <>Unicode use webviewer and JavaScript.
Can anyone make?

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This is from Stackoverflow

let str = "このOTPを使用してQuikドライブにログインします。 このOTPを誰とも共有しないでください";

str = str.split("").map( char => addZeros( char.charCodeAt(0).toString(16) ) ).join("");

function addZeros(str){ return ("0000" + str).slice(-4) }

console.log( str );

It works very fine. You just need to change the str part to whatever you want.

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How to use?

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Will create a demo for you.

I created this sample project

and used this file as an asset to test. You need to rename the file from txt to html.
ascii2unicode.txt (552 Bytes)


Is it possible to reverse the encoding?

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of course.

Now that you receive them as a long string of characters, you can manipulate them in thunkable if you want.

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