UnGO App - Social Media App - Made with Thunkable X

Firstly, i want to thank all the creators of Thunkable which helped us to convert our ideas to real apps

Secondly, i finally finished my app which took to much time to be done. “UnGO”
What in UnGO?
It is simply
Sharing anything comes to your mind (ANYTHING) with all the people who select the same country.
All users can react to any UnGO by; Clapping, Laughing, Liking or Showing their sadness.
In “How World Feels Today” screen, you can by ONE CLICK tell all the users how you feel today (6 Feelings); HAPPY, SICK, ANGRY, SAD, AFRAID or SLEEPY.
App has filtering method to prevent hidden or reported posts and posts of blocked users to appear again.

I would like to know your comments on the idea and the design and if there any idea to make it better

It’s currently available on PlayStore and hopefully on AppStore very soon

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