Translator component

My few students are not getting the Translator component?

There is Yandex Translator Components But if you’re making a translator app you have to make a table and go to thunkable docs and search Translator There will be link of Yandex Click on that link and you will get 93 languages , It will be displayed like A spreadsheet copy that spreadsheet and paste it in table and I will send the link of translator app
There are many more steps to make a translator app I can’t explain here you can also search in Thunkable docs
There are such apps for Translator, Sign in , Chat app etc.

they are simple one language translator. Its working for me or most of the students. But for few component window looks different

I am not understanding what are you telling and are you making in Drag and Drop UI or u are using a normal UI ??
For Drag And Drop UI This The link by me and muneer : Thunkable
For Normal UI This is the link by albert : Thunkable

You Just search in UI you will get the component This is the link for Thunkable Docs
Overview. Developer's guide This is the link For Yandex Languages
Translator - Thunkable Docs And this is tranaslator Docs How to make It…

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Are some using DnD while others use the legacy app @official.indranicc ?

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Thank You for coming @domhnallohanlon I was not understanding what @official.indranicc is saying

There is a quick api that does not require translation components at all, just use the web api:你想用Google翻譯嗎?
Use google translate

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Language code:

This is super handy!!!

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In addition to these, you can try other codes.