TopTabNavigator mixing statusBarColor of screens inside

Hi all, in my App I have 3 top tab navigators, inside one “Main Navigator”, which is a Stack nav. Here’s what it looks like in component drawer of my project & code of “Dashboard” screen -

When I visit any one screen in any of the TopTabNav-s, the status bar color of the screens mixes up. This would give a better idea, a screen-recording of the issue happening in all 3 top navigators -

(the recording is cropped to relevant top-area, & the yellow slideshow screen is Dashboard, where beneath the focus area i’m clicking the respective menu buttons)

As you can see, initially for a second the correct statusBarColor appears on the first tab/screen, then changes to the last tab/screen’s startusBarColor. When we swipe our way to last tab/screen and come back to previous ones, color becomes correct.

I’ve currently tested only on Android Thunkable Live, latest v382-3. Can anyone reproduce this issue? Just 3 top-tab navs with 2-3 screens each with different statusBarColors, inside a main StackNav.

@kartik14 Thank you for taking the time to explain the issue with all the needed information and for providing the video. Could you please test the app by downloading the APK on your phone, to see if the issue appears?

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Hi, @ioannis ! Thank you for following up. Yes, the issue persists on downloaded APKs too. Tested on my Samsung Galaxy A50, Android 11.

Same issue, first or first two tabs show the last tab’s color, until you visit the last tab; then all colors appear as they should. Let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks!

Hi @kartik14

Thank you for your reply.

We have flagged it also to our engineering team.

Thank you, again, for your time and all the information you shared in this matter.

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@ioannis No worries! Thanks a ton for escalating the issue to team, I look forward to hearing an update. :slight_smile:

Let me know if I need to give any more information from my side.
Cheers, Kartik.

@ioannis I wanted to add, this is an issue in Snap-to-place mode, I haven’t tried in Drag & drop.

@kartik14 thanks for the update, I tested it and this also an issue in Drag & Drop

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Hi @ioannis , do you happen to have any updates on this issue? Thanks.

Hello, I’m afraid I haven’t any updates yet. Our team isn’t working on that at the moment, but I’ll pitch it to the team in the near future and see what they think. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with this issue.

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@ioannis Any updates on this? I’m planning to roll out my app soon and this bug keeps messing up the top area of the screen… I hope team is considering this issue. Thanks!

Hello @kartik14,
Thank you for following up.
We are planning an update on the navigation component.
I will ask if this will include this issue too and follow up here.

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