Top bar not appear for me

How to insert the top bar component?
In the components palette it doesn’t appear for me to drag it to the screen.Can someone please show me. Grateful.

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Is this happening in all projects or just this one?

Read only projects will not show the components pane.

Yes.In all projects.As shown in the following figure, which only presents the basic interface components.

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Can you clarify more?
Which component are you looking for in particular?

I think you are looking for this right?

Because you are using the Drag and Drop builder. This component is on the old builder.

When you create a new project, there is a checkbox to “Use the Drag and Drop builder” and if you check that you get the Drag and Drop interface, and if you leave it unchecked, you get the old interface.

One solution to this is to create a tap navigator by yourself using the group component at the top of each screen.

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The DnD UI has navigator components. It is found under the screen option. When you click + from the screen pane on the left side of the screen you will have a menu that includes navigator option to choose from.


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