Thunkable X slows down on projects > 300 blocks


I already wrote about this. I use Yandex browser and noticed that serious inhibition occurs immediately after adding at least one initialization block to the screen. After removing this block (no initialization block remains on the screen), the work is immediately accelerated and now I can work with 500-600 blocks without any problems.


I’m confused what you mean by initialization block. Can you show me what kind of block you mean or explain please. Thanks


This block causes a slowdown. Therefore, I use it only when absolutely necessary and at the very end of debugging a project.



Ahhhh ok makes sense. Sorry I wasn’t catching that it said initialize LOL. Maybe I should use the local DB instead of a variable then. I wonder how much smoother it would be.


Try it. I, for example, use the Local Storage component. It is interesting to know what you say about the speed of work with local DB. Please note that I do not use Chrome or Firefox. They work for me significantly worse Yandex-browser.


Thats what I ment. Good lord LOL Ive been working on my app for 14 hrs/ day LOL.


Do you get a slow down using the functions blocks? I am thinking of sending data to them but they use a “variable” block now also but not from the initialize blocks.


Yes, I use variable blocks from functions. Note that there is some difference in their use relative to global variable blocks. I can not say, but I had a situation where the replacement of a functional variable with a global variable caused the algorithm to stop working altogether.


You’re right, I removed the initialize variable blocks and it’s smooth. Nice catch!!


@Ionut_Ilie, Sorry about the terrible lag. Are you talking about slowness in the browser or slowness in updating the Thunkable Live companion app? With that relatively small number of blocks I wouldn’t expect that kind of performance, especially not in the browser. What browser are you using and on what kind of computer? How is your general connectivity to How long does your project initially take to load in the browser?



I made a screen containing 1000 blocks and all the work in the block editor froze! Unfortunately, it is impossible to simplify.

In the course of work, I noticed that braking causes the use of Any Component blocks in a huge “if” block.

How to fix it? You’d be surprised, but this whole block can be replaced with just one block, which is shown below.


In this superblock, the component type, component, method, and value are specified using variables.