Thunkable unable to recognize JSON received from API

The OP did try create object from json. His server seems to be offline now, so I can’t verify that, unfortunately.

@catsarisky Hi, I could use some more help. I have a chunk of data to send so I decided to try converting it to a list and then sending, following the instructions from here API results into a List Viewer. For some reason is still crashes at the exact same block, tho I have no idea why. It is successfully converted to an object but I can’t do anything with it without having it crash. I wish Thunkable would give error statements instead of just crashing. Anyways here is the block:

I suspect it is the pink block.

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If you turn it on, we could confirm that thunkable is not reading the server response correctly.

Did you see my question about content-type?

update: still 500 server error.
Update #2 - now getting “hi” - which is not JSON format.

Oh, ok. So do you need help with anything at this point? Lots of us have experience with getting JSON from servers and processing it successfully, so if we don’t need to debug your specific problem (which is probably only yours), we won’t! :slight_smile:

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