Thunkable Resources


@lucatunes and me are creating a website where you can upload your Thunkable projects and share them with others!

The site is almost done but you can take a look at the progress at

If you have any Tips or Idea’s send me please an email to or reply on this post with @Sander0542 and @lucatunes.


SignUp page doesn’t exists, and your .htaccess document seems to point to a wrong 404 page

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I’m aware of that, I’m not done with all the pages

Great job @Sander0542 and @lucatunes - looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!!


Very cool! I’ve found in the week since I discovered Thunkable that the best way for me to learn is to mess with existing projects and snippets!


bookmarked for later … keep working:clap:

i often check the mi2 gallery for code examples…

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Nice Job So Far!!! This is gonna be very cool!

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very excited for this! let us know if we can help.

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The site is almost done, you can register and login now!


The Thunkable Resources app is now on Google Play!!!


Are we getting a subpage?


That would be nice.

The app isn’t available in the US for some reason…

The Website and App are offline.

@admins can close this topic

Closed as requested