Thunkable iOS Release (Nov 6) - new Web API component, Button 2.0, Text Input 2.0

Hey Thunkers,

We’re excited to announce a few new features on iOS today:

  • New Web API Component (similar to Web component on Android). We are SO excited about this component that many of you have requested since it not only allows you to tap into data from the best public and private web APIs out there but @Mark also designed a new set of blocks called Object blocks that makes formatting the data you retrieve from the APIs a breeze.

  • Button (2.0!) – we added additional styling options including background color and font styles and new events like Long Click, Touch Up and Touch Down

  • Text Input (2.0!) – we added the ability to Hide Keyboard just by hitting return on the keypad or clicking away and allowing you to use multiple Keyboard types like Numbers Only

On deck:

  • Publish – sorry for the delay, we tripped on a bug!
  • Ability to share your projects with others
  • Sound component to play your favorite sounds
  • Timer component to time your actions
  • Text to Speech, Translation and a secret never before seen voice-related component

Thanks for your patience –