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Hello Friends,
I want to create a PDF app. I created PDF file in my PC. Now in my thunkable app I want to display it.
There is an option to display the PDF through Google Drive. First upload the PDF file in Google Drive and share its link to thunkable app button. But when a viewer/user accesses it, the file is also saved in his google drive account. Though I made the file not downloadable under advanced sharing option in google drive.
In second option, The PDF has almost 50 pages in Hindi Language. When I convert it into HTML to upload in thunkable app, its formatting and fonts are completely changed.
Please provide the solution to display the PDF file in app without downloading it in google drive or convert it in proper HTML.

Hi @Vikash_Yadav, welcome to Thunkable Community.

The title of your post here is contradicting itself. I need to clarify with you first, is this post related to Thunkable Classic or Thunkable X?

For Thunkable Classic:

I found this video which may solve this issue for you as it deals with PDF’s and Google Drive.

For Thunkable X:

There is a component called PDF Viewer. You can read about it via Thunkable Docs. This is very easy to use, though you will need a direct link to your PDF because all Google Drive file links don’t actually go to the file. They are all preview links and you cannot extract a usable direct file link because it will require authorisation, which is only possible through Google Drive.

Hope this answers your question, and if not, be sure to come back.

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