Thunkable Apps Launched Topic

There is no Topic to announce Thunkerable Apps that have been launched on Google Play.
The nearest wants you to announce your AiA file as well, as in Successfully Thunkable.

I have launched an app, but I do not want to reveal AIA code.

It should be possible to announce a product created using Thunkerable, so people can see what can be done. The APK can be download, but not the code.

Hi @stephenc, congrats on publishing our app!

You’re under no obligation to share your aia so feel free to share the link to your Play store listing in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd - make sure you include a good description and some screenshots to encourage people to click on your link.

If someone wants to share just an .aia file then they can use the #OpenSource

OK, thanks for the clarification.
Here goes:
Title: Dementia Player 3
Dementia makes it difficult to concentrate on things like step by step commands and remembering things. Flashing lights and movement holds the users attention, while music aids memory retention.

So this app allows them to press one of 9 flashing squares and play different songs in mp3 format.
The music stops and encourages the user to press another button. They gain confidence that they are in control of something. Using a tablet or phone means that it is a portable environment and does not need a carer to operate it.

A Listview box provides a scrollable list of ALL the Music (mp3 files) in the Music directory, so again it can be selected by one finger and will play on hitting the selected file.

There are NO included in-app purchases or Ad’s in this app, as it confuses someone with dementia.

It is not limited to those with dementia, Children and older members of the community might also like these features.
Nine Public Domain tunes are included on loading, but you can delete them and replace them with your own songs, as long as they are renamed 1.mp3 to 9.mp3.

Proving it on Thunkable made it easy to download and various test versions, I tried to test it on versions of android as low as version 4 and up to version 7 using actual tablets and a phone.

It as a balancing act to try and make sure that it worked both in landscape and portrait modes, across a whole load of different screen sizes.
One of the reasons for using Thunkable was that I needed a none standard user interface and most on-line app creators insisted that you use a pre-formatted display.

Thunkable currently does not provide access to local storage, only to app specific areas.
This made it difficult to load and play Music files that are not on the Internet.

Also it assumed that the Internet is always available to the app, sorry but at least in the UK this is not so. It depends on where you are.

So I cannot rely on it to run the app.