Thunkable AMA - Ask us anything

Hey Thunkers :wave:

We’re teaming up with #100DaysOfNoCode to do an AMA tomorrow. Find the full details on Twitter, please like and tweet to help us get the word out!

Even if you can’t make it you can still register to get the recording sent to you afterwards. :+1:


ok lets do thes i will help ok

yo check your emell
we will all do thes as a teem will will do it i know we can LEST DO THES YO

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Sounds fun! I’m registered!


Thanks @99f5314 and @Darren - appreciate the support!

Do you mean you registered? Or did you leave a question?


and i thack yoll miet of gat the saem emel thay sint me ablt a chnis i thack us as a teem and all of the teem can worck togeter on thes too lest do it ples we hav a chaens and we miet git sumthing i need to red the eme agen ok i ewill tell yoll wut ut seds or sumthing or wut it mens or ?

we can do it

This sound awesome. Would love to participate but I’m in school unfortunately. If I sign up can I access a recording or chat log? Thanks.


i know how it is th be in scholl too i am in scholl but at the tiem i replied to you i wus on lunch braeck so i will do it with you and maby chry tho / too i will tollck to yo ulaeter and met me her wen you can

Ask anything?

Sounds great. I’m going to ask about chronon decay.

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Thanks to. everyone who joined us on the AMA call last week.

Max has published the full video here if you want to take a look:


@domhnallohanlon had a watch over the video last night, great presentation sorry I was unable to make it. Very excited about a certain design Easter egg you dropped, I won’t spoil it in the chat :wink:

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I’m sorry I missed it, I have few question I would have liked to ask


If you put them in the comments of the Video I can answer them on YouTube for you @maxb?


ok wut video

well my problem is biggest unresolved thing in whoole world :anger: :anger: :anger: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

@ekansh_devs Yes and when you don’t provide enough details, it’s very hard for anyone to help you. Several users here have asked you to post detailed descriptions, screenshots and/or project links.

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Are there any plans for making a functional payment processing plugin? One of the main reasons I chose thunkable over other ones was the stripe integration.

Any plans to replace it?

I can’t answer for Thunkable, however you may find a stripe tutorial somewhere in the forum. :wink:

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i did find that tutorial, but I just don’t know if it’ll get rejected by google or apple