TextInput filled with numbers

I testet a variety of operations with Textinput and buttons and had a problem with numbers in TextInput fields.

If I fill a TextInput field with a number while running the app, this field seems only to accept strings.
It is not possible to do math-operations with the content of such a field.

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Hi @rollke and @thunkable,

I think I have duplicated the problem:

When I input a 5 into the input box, it seems to be recognized as a string, rather than a number. When 2 is added to the string 5, it’s added to “nothing”, which results in a total of 2, instead of 7.

BTW, a “from label set text to” block won’t coerce non-string values, but will accept any variable value, hence the intermediate variable. This behavior still needs to be fixed by @thunkable (hint). :slight_smile: