Teachable Machine + Cloud Run API + Thunkable APP

Hey all!

I just published a tutorial on how to get Teachable Machine and Thunkable working together. It took me way longer than I first anticipated. It does require some coding experience in Python, but I think you can learn how to even create APIs for your apps with this tutorial.

Here is part 1 → Design and train your Machine Learning Model with Teachable Machine — Thunkable Tutorial | by Sofía Galán | Apr, 2021 | Medium


If anyone test this out and has issues with it, leave a comment here so I can debug it even further and make it as perfect as it can be!

If you are a girl participating in Technovation Challenge 2021, this year there is a special category for Machine Learning. I hope this gets to you on time!

As always, Happy Thunking!!

Edit: BTw alll the art is made by me… if you see the cloud has running shoes because it’s a Cloud Run API… hahaha thought it was cute :3


great!! i do have some websites for this and i just got their apis and tried to implement in thunkable using the manual technique of using api