Tabbed Menu Exercise

I create this really quick Tabbed Menu using 3 extensions, let me know if works fine on your devices, sine I have to do some weird maths to adjust everything on mine

It works fine, and can contain information on each Screen If you use a Vertical Scroll Arrangement
TabberMenu.aia (735.0 KB)

The 3 extensions I use are: TaifunTools from @Taifun, SpecialTools from @Mika, Animacion from @Andres_Cotes


Nice Tutorials and Nice efforts but there is Also a free and paid Extension built by @Andres_Cotes that helps you do this quicker and faster with no error. Consider using or trying the Tabs Extension built by Andres


Sure, I know, but with the excercise you can place the tab on the bottom of your device, also you can remove the header, or place both on one arrangement and use a gradient that cover both, change the color of the indicator and finally the transition between screens it’s smooth and don’t just jump

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Nice work @getcogas, it’s always good to have a bit of variety.

Fair play for crediting the extension developers too.

I’m a graphic designer and I used to give a lot of free resources , many of them ended on iOS or Android Apps, and I know how mad we came when somebody use your resources without give you any credit.

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