Soundboard app~~~! Successfully thunk'd!

Hey! After lots and lots of community help and tutorials you shared! This app has integrated features like volume on or off, picture bounce, sound on button tap, tap certain times and get a quote, button click counter, forward and back button and few more functions!

Here’s the link! This application is anime soundboard app wherein some of the iconic sounds or lines narrated by characters or just the sound effects are provided to have fun with.

I would appreciate your design suggestions or user experience improvement ideas for this app. Please comment below!


Hi :smiley:

I like the simple design :smiley:
I’m not a big anime fan, but if i were, i would use this to spent some time :slight_smile:

Do you have plans to add something more in the future, if yes, what? :smiley:

Keep up the good work
Keep Thunking!

Thank you! Glad you loved the design.

Features I would like to include are

shake the picture after certain times user taps on it!

display quotes for a longer time than the notifier alert system allows(the 5 sec is too short for some quotes)

ALSO include a bookmark or favourite button to allow users directly visit the image without leaving the screen!

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I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next! :smiley:


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:grinning: Thanks for appreciation. I will work on it!

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Interesting :+1:

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Good App… My kids loved it in first impression.

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Thank you!
Nice to know, kids love it.

Did the pictures or sounds impressed them!?
And also their suggestions are welcomed! I would be glad to include their suggested sounds or pictures in the app with shout out if they would like.
I am fixing some minor button fixes!

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Awesome!!! that’s what I am aiming for