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Hi everyone :wave:
I’ve been developing a project for 4 months, and finally I have a stable version: SOSgram.

Sorry, the project is in Spanish, but anyone could help us translating it and make it compatible with other countries :sweat_smile:

SOSgram is a project made by dot.apps team, from where I’m the founder with a friend, that consists in saving lives with a chatting app.
The main objective of this app is to solve people’s problem while having a trubble in their house, car or similar: eg.:

  • You are in your house sleeping, and when you wake up, your garage has been flooded. What can I do? You can use our app to contact to an emergency team that helps you to fix the problem. And not only for this: if you got lost in the mountains, you can use our maps to get the road to house, or you can use our location tracking service to call 112 (Emergency Phone in Spain) and get a rescue team in seconds.
  • You saw a car accident, what can you do? Talk to our experts to help you for what to do for helping people
  • Someone enters in your house to stole, but you hear it. You can’t call the police or the robber will hear you. Open SOSgram and talk to us to send a Police Patrol to your location

We have an explaining video: SOSgram Intro Video

This app was made thanks to Thunkable (:clap:) and other external extensions, and it’s working actually on Android and website, but we are waiting to Thunkable iOS release to made it compatible with iOS, and also we are working on a Telegram Bot to make chatting with our team easier.

Some code of the notification service

If you want to test the project, you can use some of the following links:

  1. Android Stable App: Download .apk

  2. Android Beta App: Join our Betatester Team

  3. WebSite: Take a look to our website - Hope Google Translate translate the page automatically

  4. Telegram Bot: Just a preview

The app has lots of interesant features:

  • Account service: You will have to create an account to use the project. Thanks to a hosting service, we use a Database to store all account data, and to avoid false alarms
  • Chat Screen: This is the most interesant screen (and also the most complex for me :disappointed_relieved:). It contains a custom message service created by me. No Firebase system or others, just a database storage service to display messages
  • Tracking location: This system allos the app to track your location in X minutes. Using this, if you dissapear, Police can ask us your latest location in start searchin there
  • Google Maps Service: We used Google Maps Technology with Thunkable Component to get better location resusults
  • Fast SOS: If you are in danger, and you can’t waste time, you have an offline method to call emergencies in app
  • General Server Notification: In case of national or regional emergency, the app has a service to send a notification to all devices telling the problem

The app and idea is under dot.apps © Copyright, but we are thinking on change it to Apache License, so we can free the code so anyone could develope a messaging app without Firebase
What do you think about that? :smirk:

We are going to present the app on a regional contest, to try to upgrade our server, because we have a free one and we can’t automatize account verification

###Languages and Companies
Lots of Programing Languages and Companies were used to make this project possible:

  • Thunkable (of course): without they, the app couldn’t be possible
  • Hostinger: Primary Server
  • 000WebHosting: Secondary Reserve Server
  • OVH: A friend shared part of their server to make Server Notifications or National Emergencies possible
  • RenderForest: Marketing Videos where made by they
  • HockeyApp: There is the Testing Team
  • Google: Thanks to Google for helping us with their Maps API

  • HTML, CSS & JS: For the web design
  • PHP: For the connection between services and the databases
  • MySQL: For working with the DB
  • Java: We had to learn some of Java to solve some problems with extensions
  • Python: Telegram Bot is made in this language

And now we are searching for testers that help us finding bugs in the app, to have an app without bugs.
So, if you want to help us, join this team: HockeyApp
Thanks if you want to help us :blush:

And that’s all the project. I will be updating it when we add more features to the app

Thanks for reading it :wink: :+1:


Hello @barreeeiroo,
your app is very very great.
Can you please add a new link to download the app?

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There must be a version to download the apk

#Open Source Development

Today my partner and me decided to make the code public, so anyone that likes to develope apps in AppInventor could take a look to our code and make their own app
The .aia file is attached below, and we removed all URLs of the PHP API because otherway our security system will be public, and we don’t want any security problems with the database :wink:

So, here it is the .aia file:
SOSgram_Android_Public.aia (440.4 KB)

Also, if anyone wants to develope their own chat app, just contact me on and I will send them the blank database plus the PHP API files for the server

PD: If we forgot to clear any URL, please notify me here


When I start your app, I get this.

Because I’ve removed all URLs. That AIA file is only for looking to the code, not for building it.
If you want to test the app, you can download it here:

I didn’t build it. I downloaded it from

Oh, I will take a look to that
Thanks for reporting

###We won a contest!!!

We presented SOSgram to a regional contest (“DiCoSummit 2017”) and we won the 2º place in the contest:

Sorry, it’s in Spanish, but you can search for my name or for SOSgram to see it (or even a fast GTranslation)


so sweeeeeeeeeeeet to hear:clap::clap:

This is awesome! Congratz? Are you in that picture?

Sure, but I’m not going to say who am I xD

Haha lol! Thats ok I just wanted to know if you were in it.

Congratulations Diego, fantastic result and definitely deserving of the Successfully Thunk’d title! :smile:

Thanks a lot @domhnallohanlon :thumbsup: !!!

Congratulations, @barreeeiroo!!! For sure you deserves this!!!

hello dear i make application (there was problem parsing the package)
how can i solve

а возможно ли создать полноценный чат без сервера, только с базой данных??? Пытаюсь разработать чат с Firebase, хочу сделать общий чат, личные и групповые чаты, добавление в друзья! Если есть похожие блоки - поделитесь пожалуйста…Спасибо!

Hey, @Barreeeiroo. That’s really a nice initiative by dot.apps
It is really nice to help us suitably in a very short time for the worst situations.

I would also like to make a small suggestion. You should probably try out with DialogFlow and integrate SOSgram with FB, Twitter, Google Assistant, Cortana, Slack, Skype and make it even more reachable. You can also embed the agent to create Cross Platform applications for Almost all platforms including BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

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