*SOLVED* Time input not launching if it is not made visible first

I a m creating a data list viewer so that when a user press on a specific row a time input picker is launched so that the user can pick a time, than the subtitle’s text of the row is updated to show th input selected.
The problem i am facing with the live test on android is that before being able to launch the time input picker, the time input label has to be made visible and then one is capable to click on the data list row and the time input picker is launched just fine.

Is this just a problem with the live test? I have noticed that this is true even for simple buttons or labels, one has always to make the time input visible first before being able to use the picker, which is exactly what i don’t want, I would like to use the time input picker without seeing its label.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create button
  • Add Time Input
  • Add blocks as in screenshot
  • Observe time input picker is not launched
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Hi there,

If the Time Picker is set to not be visible, you won’t be able to see it in your app.

Something you could do is keep the Time Picker visible, but set its Height to 0. That way, you can launch the picker without seeing the corresponding Label in your app.


ok I’ll try, thanks for the advice

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