[Solved] _scopeVariableInfo in Realtime Database

Hey everyone,

I am working on connecting my blocks with Firebase. As you can see in the screenshots, I want to create a property so that it gets stored in the object “universities/mailsac/users”. While that works, the database creates another property called “Scopevariable”. I read about it in the web and many people consider that to be a problem. I do not have a technical background, so please explain it to me in simple terms if that could raise a problem further down the line.


anks so much!


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In the past, I had some trouble with them is lists. But no need to intervene. I use firebase exclusively for data storage and retrieval and those Thunkable _scope object aren’t a problem


This issue is related to storing lists and has no effect on the code anyway.

There is a workaround which you can find in one of the old posts. However, I didn’t even consider that workaround because the incident has no effect on my work.

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