[Solved] Push notification from my website mirror app

Hello everybody,
I need help knowing which method I should use when using PushNotification.
In fact my application is just the mirror of a website. And what I would like is to have notifications when the “News” section of the site is updated.
I believe that to do this I have to enter the world of web APIs and cross it with either Thunkable or OneSignal (to generate notifications).
Could someone enlighten me on the matter?
Thank you !!!

Hi @alexis.fleuretopme7, welcome to the Community.

Is your website powered with Wordpress?

Hi @eoinparkinson, thank you!
No sorry my website is not powered with Wordpress…

you could probably use integromat for something like this. I’m not sure how. but they have many options/features.

No worries, just checking as there would be a plugin for OneSignal and Wordpress.

Someone in the Community may correct me here, but my intention with something like this would be to write a program that constantly checks the website for new/a change in data, in this case, you would be monitoring your news section.

  • Did you use a website builder, and if so what is the name of it? There might be articles on OneSignal for that builder.

  • Is it a static blog website? E.g. Gatsby or Jekyll.

I’ve successfully had notifications being sent to a Thunkable X app through a Python script using OneSignal API. There is a definite solution, it’s just a matter if you need to build it yourself or if there is a solution already in place for this.

As @jared said, maybe Integromat will work for you, though I’ve never worked with the platform before.

Thank you @jared and @eoinparkinson!
Thank you very much for all this information.
I’m going to do my research on these different methods!
It was not me who builded the website, I will ask my supplier if I cannot find solutions otherwise!
I will pass this topic in solved as soon as I think I have a serious way!
I’m coming back to give you news soon!

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So for my problem, I will use Intergromat which can use webhooks, the website will make POST HTTPS requests on an address that I listen to and I will be able to generate my notifications on OneSignal!
Thanks again!


I never knew about integromat until @jared posted it above. I too will be making use of this in some of my projects.

Be sure to share your app in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd when you’re done. We’d love to see it.

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