[Solved] Need to store data in google spreadsheet

Is there any possible to store the data in google spreadsheet.

Can anyone help me here.

I can think of 3 ways to do this.




Can you please help me with googlescripts?

there is a post about this in the forums. it’s not the easiest but not impossible either.


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by @cttricks

or another similar method by me

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I have tried to do the same, but I don’t know where I am doing mistake. Can anyone help on this?


The below code is script

function doPost(e){
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(“Novartis sheet - Google Sheets”);
var sheet= ss.getSheetByName(“Sheet1”);

function addUser(e,sheet) {
var name= e.parameter.name;
var id= e.parameter.id;
var lab= e.parameter.lab;
var so= e.parameter.so;
var callr= e.parameter.callr;
var calla= e.parameter.calla;
var at= e.parameter.at;
var act= e.parameter.act;
var callc= e.parameter.callc;
var st= e.parameter.st;
var re= e.parameter.re;
var pa= e.parameter.pa;
var mo= e.parameter.mo;
var rt= e.parameter.rt;

Hi @sgirishdds you should try this simple method too


You haven’t did the same mate… the POST block is missing in your blocks. Accordig to your current blocks that you have written is only setting-up the URL & QueryParameters of Web_API component but not calling the POST method to inder data into your spreadsheet

~Ct tricks

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Thank you for your help now it is working fine.

But now I need to get the stored data from google sheet. How to do that?

Getting data is harder, I wonder, why don’t you use airtable? The integration is nearly seamless. Do you feel that you will regularly use more than 1200 rows?

I am developing webpage also but in airtable there is no option to link with webpage. So that only I decided to go with google spreadsheet. Can you help me with this?

You should be able to link airtable to any website using their API. if you are using a website builder, this may pose issues. I would recommend resorting to a website like stackoverflow.com or GitHub.com for HTML help although sometimes you will be able to get it on here!

What are you using to build your site?

I am building webpage on my own, I am not using any online builder. I tried to do with the airtable but it was waste of time, then I tried with google sheet it was very easy to link and work with it. So that only I am changing the application database also to google spreadsheet. In classic version it was very easy to link with spreadsheet, but now it is a bit difficult to work with it.

Can you please help me to work with google spreadsheet?

Is there any way to do it please help me?

Who said you that you can’t link your webpage with airtable. you should take help if Google Aunty :laughing: or do a little bit of research. If you have a little bit kowledge of Ajax then it’s easy for you to link your airtable sheet. Also linking Spreadsheet also not that tough you can use google app script

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I am able to get the data from google sheet to thunkable but I am not able to separate the data in thunkable. Can you help me?

Sure, Can you please show the blocks, to see what you have did so far!!!

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In above blocks I can see all the table values in “Label3”.

But here I am not able to separate the values.

Can you help me please?

Are you loading your spreadsheet as CSV?