[Solved] List adds items with empty text

What the app does:

The app pulls all bus stops (in Ireland) based on your query. So your query will be a city or town, and it will return a json with results of bus stops.

Here are the endpoints:

I am pulling data from this link (after the = sign you add in the area) https://www.transportforireland.ie/swlw/includes/php/location.php?term=

A working example of this endpoint would look like: https://www.transportforireland.ie/swlw/includes/php/location.php?term=Dublin

This is what it looks like in tree form:

This is my code:

The issue:

I can’t seem to get the “value” child to display its value. It should say the name of each stop, but it does not. I have tried using the join block to convert it to text, but I got nothing back. The list shows the total amount of stops that it got from the json, but does not set the text for each item, and so I am left with a list that has items but these items have no text.

Is there something I am missing out on here?

All help is much appreciated :slight_smile:





@actech this works fantastic.

Thank you!


What method did you use to pull the JSON?

Unfortunately the links above no longer work, but you would use the Web API component!

Most API’s have search queries to pull specific data.

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I’ve tried ALL of the suggestions from everyone here and nothing seems to work. It shouldn’t be this hard. Has anyone come up with a way of parsing the data from Firebase and displaying it in a list in Thunkable X?

Hey @bobbyj12 I was trying to figure this out as well.

See Here

Hey @bobbyj12 I was trying to figure this out as well.

See Here

I still feel like whenever possible using airtable or a simple variable within the app is a better way of storing a list. However, I’m using the real time data base to be able to sync data across devices based on our users sign in name. So if that’s what you’re doing real time data base should be your friend. Otherwise you may want to switch to air table if you’re just searching lists.