[Solved] Labels not showing on built Apps

Just did a download for android and is not showing any text labels. Text entry boxes and text in lists is present but all labels missing. Downloaded lastnight and was ok and is still ok on thunkable live app.


Any ideas @wei @domhnallohanlon

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@martint can you pm us your project link?

Thanks for flagging this @martint, we created a sample project and were able to reproduce this behaviour for apps built on Android and iOS.

At the moment we’re working to root cause the issue and the team is looking at getting a fix out for this ASAP.

If anyone else has the same issue can you please point them in the direction of this post - we’ll be posting here again once this is resolved.


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Thanks guys

Just an update here @martint that this issue has now been resolved.

There is a log of this incident on our status page:

Thanks again!

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Tested and working, thanks for the speedy fix.

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