[Solved] Initial variable is not working

Hello All,
After a 6 month break I am back I see lot of changes to Thunkable. I ran into a strange issue with variables. I did see other people complaining about variables.

ErrorDbgTxt gets 575 and not the sum of BufferHeight & NGZHeight. Please advice.

Hi @anandavardhana57zwwl thanks for reaching out.

Try using the other set variable value block, like in the blocks below. The one you have in your blocks is for dynamically named values. When I use that other set variable value block, EndingHeight returns 176.

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Thanks @matt_conroy. I am ashamed of myself for doing such a silly mistake. Sorry for cluttering the community forum. Coming after 6 months I should get my act together. Thanks again,

No worries at all, happens to the best of us!

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