[Solved]I can't use some function after I download and test app

I use store variable to set as a list to store some text. This function works normally in App preview, but it doesn’t work after downloading it as an ipa file. How can I solve it?

I have tried updating the software and restarting the phone, but these are useless.

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When using stored variables you need to check if it is null before attempting to add entries to the list. When you install the app in a new device the stored variable is null and therefore will fail to add to the list.

Best practice is to check your stored variable when starting the app and if = null then initialize to the appropriate value such as empty list in your case then you can use it in a normal way.


There was a topic like this created just a few minutes ago ,check it out How do I use Google Sheets on a device?

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Thanks for helping!

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