[Solved] How to make title bar in thunkable x?

Hi, I can’t make title bar in thunkable x. Help me please. Thanks.

Hi @bowiesushio521f,

You could do this one of two ways.

1. Using the stack navigator component:

The Stack Navigator component basically auto generates this for you, including the arrows to go back.

2. Making one yourself:

Making one yourself requires you to add one to every page and make sure they’re the same size etc. I do this with almost all of my projects as I may have 2-3 buttons in the title bar. This is achieved using a row, and setting the height to 50px and width to fill container (these measurements are just my recommendations). Set the left and right padding to 25px. Set all buttons inside this row to 25x25px. The title can be achieved by absolutely placing a label inside the row (this means it will be centred no matter if the buttons are on the left or right). If you require a quick guide on how to do this let me know :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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