[Solved] How to Choose random User from database (For giveaway)

Guys iam doin a giveaway app and the entrys are assigned to the database so i wanna choose a random entry from the data base. what blocks should i use to random choose a TEXT from database. Thanks.:heart_eyes:

Here is one solution to your problem:

Use the random integer from x to y… so you modify it to be from 1 to (total entries of the giveaway)
There is also ‘random item’ from the list sections you could use :slight_smile:

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Which database are you using?
If you are using AirTable, you need to get a Column/All Rows (or whatever format you have) and attach this block to them - (as @Sofia said)


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Thanks for helping but I meant firebase database. But that would help in another project.:+1::slight_smile:



So, your Problem is solved or not?

Yeah by @Sofia

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Thanks @Sofia :grin:

You solved my problem.


When the screen is opened among the data from 1 to 100, / it is hoped that ‘one data (1 to 100) will be automatically selected and output randomly’. I’m trying with a spreadsheet, but it doesn’t work. Help me.

I’m referring to this, but there’s no
" in Local_DB1 call GetCell ~~"

WHERE IS BLOCK (you told : in ~~ call ~~ column ~)?

It’s a Data Source block. See this:

It’s going to look a little different because this topic is two years old and some of the blocks have changed.

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