[Solved] How to add Navigators in the new UI?

Hey guys! Am i seeing correctly that the navigators are not included with the latest release? Is this planned for the future or will all navigators need to be created?

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@nradjt74jatz You can add navigators by clicking on the + button above the tree, and selecting “Add Navigator”

@neuheisser Sorry that the switch isn’t available yet. As noted in the FAQ, there are a number of visible components that we haven’t released yet (they each have various bugs that need to be fixed…)

Also, the link to community has moved to the bottom left of the screen


Thank you :pray: I totally overlooked that!

Much appreciated! The UI is a nice change and feel.

Any response to the speed issue. Maybe it’s only temporary? When I compare it to the regular UI It is slow in comparison.

Felt like clicking between screens and components working screens was slow. Especially after resizing.

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Hi Everyone, How do I put a Navigator component in the Thunkable Drag and Drop version.
There is no drawer navigator component in the drag and drop version.
@domhnallohanlon, do you know how to do this?

My Code

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In the top left you should see Screens and a plus sign + beside it. Click on it you should see a menu like this

Choose Add Navigator from the menu.

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Hello @muneer, when I clicked the plus icon I get a new screen. I do not get this option.

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Make sure you use this one not the one in the middle of the top of the screen.

Ok @muneer, I will try that and get back to you

Thanks @muneer, It works!