[Solved] How do you change images on a button

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Hey there! The block you are looking for will be here

this is assuming you are using Thunkable X. I assume this as it is your first post. I could be wrong!


@maibrandon3qzmku9 I’ve moved your post to #thunkable-cross as it seems likely that you’re using Thunkable X.

i saw that but it didn’t say option for my image

show a screenshot please

the drop down menu didn’t show url for picture i wanted

the one under there is an animation that is definitely not my picture

You had to manually add any url you want to use.

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huh? it still doesn’t show

how do you manually add url

Do you have a url in mind already?


I think you have a couple options. Save the url to a variable. Set the image as the variable.

Save a list of urls and assign the button to be number X from list of urls

Write the url into a text block and replace the drop down menu eith the text block that holds the desired url


I think that will be sufficient, thanks

@maibrandon3qzmku9, that’s great! Can I mark this as solved?

When you come to a solution, fee free to take a screenshot of the blocks and share them on here!

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@maibrandon3qzmku9 don’t forget to mark a post as solved if someone in the Community has helped you out with your app!


it worked when i tried it, problem solved



Thanks! :blush:
Happy Thunking! :tada:

this is my app code

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