[Solved] How do I style the text input keyboard to be numeric?

Hey, guys, I have a query about one of my projects.

I’m trying to get a “numeric” Text Input. I know that on phone you can use the numeric keypad, but on computer I’m trying to prevent any letters going through moderation.

Please help as I’ve already tried viewing some videos. Did not help.

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Change the Keyboard to numeric



Yes I have done that, but I want it to be numerical only on computer too. Even if I do numeric it still doesn’t help.

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Hey @krishnmbrthunker

Great question. What kind of app are you working on? Are you usually having your users use a web app/

This is not possible to limit the type of input provided when using a web app UNLESS you include validation. you can include a validation function and fire it every time there is a change thus being able to remove the ‘illegal’ characters.


To simulate Numeric keyboard when using the app from the computer, use the following code

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Thank you for the help. This really helped me with my app and is working just fine. I have made just a few tweaks to your suggestion. Thanks, @muneer!


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