[Solved] How can I play music from cloud?

In this case the songs are saved into the App but I would like to play directly from cloud, firebase or any place outside of the App.


If the music in in the cloud, then it must have a URL. So you use “from Sound set source” and you put the URL as the value.
I haven’t tried it, but it normally should work, as long as your device ‘has bars’.


Hi Vincent, I will be grateful all my life for the help you gave me! Thanks again, Okey how can I upload music to Cloud? Trough a web? trough firebase?

All this time I was working in the distribution of the App. Now I m thinking in make some updates soon.

If do you want to see the progress of the App in Android, here I let you the link! Of instagram too.

A big part of this production was thanks to your teachings

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To have anything in the cloud means that it has to reside on a server, somewhere.
It could be on Google Drive, Media Fire, Dropbox.

Here is an article found on the web about them: https://www.whizlabs.com/blog/best-free-cloud-storage/

Disclaimer: I personally do not use cloud storage. I have a nasty obsession with being able to access my data even when outside of range of wifi/cellphone coverage, so have instead invested in a large, 200 GB memory card (and evidently on a cell phone model that has a memory card slot). Mind you, I still managed to fill up that card to above 80% already.

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