[Solved] How can I identify which map marker was clicked?

You can also use the text substring function to remove digits without rounding.

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So uhm… this kinda fixed it. I really don’t know what is going wrong now because it only matches my latitude, And my longitude should also match! When i make it output ThisLong it matches exactly but when i output found longitude found in row # it just says 0


What I do in a situation like this is to assign a label’s text to each value — the variable and the data source cell. I join those values with “bookend” characters such as “#” at the start and end so that I can see any misplaced spaces, etc.

For example, maybe your variable value is #-77.0364,38.8951# and your data source value is #-77.0364,38.8951 # (trailing space) or #77.0364,38.8951# (missing minus symbol).

Post those bookended values and we can help you figure out why it’s not matching.

Also be aware of variable “types.” You can’t compare a number to a text string. I don’t think that’s the problem here but it’s good to be aware of. To eliminate this, join each value with a blank string (“”) to force them to be strings.

Helpful tip: if you assign the values to text inputs instead of labels, you can copy and paste the results.


Hmmm so this really worked which is actually great! and i also found the issue… For some reason thunkable removes zero’s after comma’s!

  1. is the output
  2. is from my airtable.
    And i think this is what mismatches them… But i think thunkable removes the 0 after the double 8’s because in my airtable it does show them!

That tells me that you’re storing the values as numbers. Because a number such as 78.2200 will be stored as 78.22. So you may need to store it as text which would be “78.2200”

Ahh, so i would need to make them a variabel first? and than insert that variable where it should look for it?

Variables don’t have anything to do with it because variables can store any type of value.

It’s more about forcing the value you’re storing to be a particular type. Can you change the column format in Airtable from a number to single line text?

I just tried this with Airtable and I was able to display the value 51.26778800 in a label and it included the trailing zeroes.


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