[Solved] Horizontal Scrolling update?

Looking back it seems we haven’t gotten horizontal scrolling yet which is odd. It has been requested since 2018 and while we have the “options” to set scrolling it doesn’t work. Trying to figure out these goofy work arounds is tiresome and counter productive. Is there something I am missing to get a simple row to scroll horizontally or is this one of those things thats just not as important?

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Hi Sam,
With our new Layout component in our Drag and Drop editor, you can create containers in a Layout that are either vertical or horizontal. Containers can then be made scrollable by simply toggling the Scrollable tab on each Layout and/or Container.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Solved part of the issue. Now how do you clone containers within a layout?

It would be no different than cloning anything else other than you would want to find the specific container as last seen in the layout for cloning. Happy to help if you have something more specific.

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