[Solved] Google Sign in question

Hi! One of our students is getting the following error with the Google Sign In blocks.

“oAuth can only be tested with your own apps”

It is thus returning null values. They are signed in to the same Google account on their app and on Thunkable. Any quick notes that I can refer to them? Thanks!

Hi @macintyre.science26o, thanks for reaching out about this.

It is nothing your student is doing wrong–I am assuming they are testing this on the Thunkable Live app?

If that is the case, the issue here is the App (Bundle) ID when using the Thunkable Live app (com.thunkable.live) is different than the App (Bundle) ID used when they created the Android OAuth Client ID. When you run the app through Thunkable Live, google is looking for the Client ID associated with the App (Bundle) ID used in your settings project settings
but will instead see com.thunkable.live. To truly test this, you’ll need to download an apk of the app and test locally on the same device(s).

I’l be sure to make a note in our Docs to let Creators know about this potential issue.

Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

Thank you!!!