[Solved] Error Publishing my app on Google Play Store

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Hi, I uploaded an app on play store, two days ago and a message came today -

But I have neither added the location component, nor asked for any location permissions. So, what should I write here?
Does to run an app, thunkable needs location access in the background?

Please help!!


I have been facing the same issue. My app also has access to Background Location Permission, even though it doesn’t require it. Due to this I am not able to publish my app, as it does not satisfy with the New Google Play Policies for Developers.

Can we please have this issue fixed or we won’t be able to publish any app!?!

Unwanted Background Location Access - Please help me here as well


Have been facing the same issue on Thunkable. I have been making a lot of apps for children which are not getting published/getting deleted after getting published for the same reason. Thunkable must provide a way to disable unnecessary permissions and give us that control.

Request Thunkable team to get this resolved on priority as all app uploads have been halted as of now.


I am facing same issue in which I get location error while uploading applications on google play store. Almost of Apps which I upload on Google Play store are designed for Children below age 15. I am not using any component which will need location access still I guess by default it gets turned on while downloading an APK. Most of my Apps contain very basic components such as labels , buttons , web viewer etc. Kindly Help to resolve this issue!!
Prompt response from Thunkable Team would be highly appreciated
Thank you!


Did you see the screenshot that has been posted here

before uploading your apps that were later disabled?

For most of these apps, I did see this message. And I selected the second option as I knew about Thunkable keeping all permissions on by default. Should I have done otherwise? Please advice. Thanks

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I have been facing the same issue. Not able to upload any apps due to unnecessary permissions. Request Thunkable team to get this resolved asap.


I think you could just check Yes, since your app doesn’t use the location at all,
but if google says it does. you should probably explain them all the story, that you made it with thunkable and it shouldn’t ask for location.

Help them help you while you wait for thunkable team to reply back maybe.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that out as well for a few aps. However, upon selecting that, we get a clear warning that if Google does not feel that location is adding any value to the app, then the same would be removed anyways (even if you have declared it). Also when Google rejects any app, there aren’t many ways to reach out to them to explain the scenario. I usually upload multiple apps in a week, and I don’t think they would accept my requests repeatedly. So while this might work for one or two apps, I would still rely on Thunkable to resolve the issue.

However, thanks for your guidance. Really appreciate your response.

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Yes, even I have been facing this issue and getting emails from Google to change the permissions otherwise the app will be removed from the play store. Do provide some solution to fix this! Thank you

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I think lots of us are facing this issue. The uploaded app requires to update permission of location which is not being used. @thunkable team please have a look

I am also facing an issue because of unnecessary permissions being asked by Thunkable APKs, the apps are getting deleted on their own and we are not able to upload it. Pls let us know if you find a solution…
Request Thunkable team to give a solution for this!

I have made an app and downloaded the APK File for publishing it. While I am publishing in the Google Play Store, it gives me warnings that the app has access to background location and aks to specify the reason, even though I have not included any functionality or component that uses the location, is still has permission for it.

The background location access permission comes pre-baked into the code. Due to this, it doesn’t satisfy with the new Play Store Policy for app developers to declare via a Video how background location is being used. Unless this is resolved I won’t be able to publish my app to Play Store.

Can we please fix this issue? I had seen a similar post 1 year back saying it was fixed, but it is back again.

Can @Thunkable please fix this at the earliest for all the developers using this platform!?!

This is interesting, are you completely sure that there is no component that somehow uses the location?

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Yes, I am sure.

I don’t think so that Realtime DB and Data Viewer Grid List connected to Airtbale uess location. Does it?
I have doubt of only these components or else I am sure.

Yes I am also facing the same problem, App upload on play store (Help!)

Hey @roumak-coder, @aditya.paul, @dishanklz6pq, @amit.apte47, @vinit932vj5xfp, @mashrupurvang199718t, @milanc, @nidhivsvijanrzhpph

The most likely reason for this would be something like the WebViewer, AdMob or Push Notifications component in your app.

We are actively working on a fix for this as the moment as a lot of users are affected by this and we want to remove this barrier for you ASAP.

In the meantime, can you give me a better picture of what’s happening here?

  1. Are you updating an existing app or publishing for the first time?
  2. Does your app contain a Webviewer?
  3. Does your app use AdMob?
  4. Does your app use the Map component?


Even I have been facing the same issue, not able to upload apps because of the unnecessary permissions required. Would request Thunkable team to get this issue resolved

1.Publishing for first time.