[Solved] Error Publishing my app on Google Play Store

I can’t upload to google play store due to this error why???
Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to this policy issue. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

Please remove the background location permission requested and submit an update to your app. When declaring a feature for background location access, please note the following:

  • Your selected feature should deliver clear value to the user and be important to the core functionality, or main purpose of the app. Without this core feature, the app is “broken” or rendered unusable.
  • You should also consider if users would expect the app to access their location in the background, and if you can deliver the same experience without accessing location in the background.
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Hey @agha96mujm welcome to the community :wave:

What sort of app are you building, how are you using the location sensor and do you have a privacy policy in place?

@albert I am seeing a similar issue with the location permission for a newly created app I just submitted for approval on the Google Play store. My app does not use the location component however, (and please correct me if I am wrong), the generated APK does have that permission enabled (Google reports this as ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION). Google’s new policy requires me to explain why I use those permissions but reality is that I don’t!. Even though I sent them a clear explanation why they see those permissions in the APK (because of Thunkable, that is), my app was rejected and I can’t blame Google for doing so to be honest.

So here is the question: How can I publish an app for which I have not enabled the location permissions? How can I generate an app without the above mentioned permissions since I don’t
need them and since I won’t be able to justify to Google why those are enabled in the APK?



Crickets. No answer, no surprise.

My solution was to create a quick google document. In the document say what you do and do not use. Presto Approval.

Yeah, it is kinda clunky that Thunkable include all the infrastructure for any of the included widgets in every project file. But that is the path they have taken.

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Guess what. I tried the same and my app got rejected so it is time for a proper solution instead of half-baked workarounds. Anyone at Thunkable listening?


@domhnallohanlon anyone taking a look at this?

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Please look into this matter. I am still facing the same issue. The ACCESS BACKGROUND LOCATION permission is turned on by default and it is creating problems in all the uploads to Google Store. While I clearly don’t use location component and don’t need access to background location all the 4 apps I am trying to upload, I am asked for explanation, videos in Google Playstore on “Why I need the background location access”. Can someone please revert?


I will echo these sentiments. Having the same problem.

So far the only solution has been to admit that you are NOT in compliance with their policies and this will only serve as a temporary testing track band-aid, not a long-term solution.

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My app DOES NOT need location data and why does Play Store told me that I need approval? Is this ON by default and how do I turn this option off?

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This is what we are all trying to understand. Thunkable support has not yet provided an answer.

Can someone please look into this issue? Its been 6 days and it still persists!

I have the same Problem. Is there any Solution what we can remove location component and access to background location wenn we don´t need it.

I think it’s probably because you’re commenting on a 2 year old post here @Deluxe?

I’m going to move this to a more recent thread.

Are you using the Webviewer component in your app?

@bmh1974 @sinu.mathewj @isazaly @strazco - same to you, are you using the Webviewer component in your app?

I have two types of app … One of them is News App and it contains webviewer also I have a simple counter app and also the same error about my ACCESS BACKGROUND LOCATION that I don’t use it inside my app at all

This is helpful, thanks @agha96mujm

Can you send me a link to this Thunkable project (PM is fine) so we can take a closer look?


I was uploading the app to Play Store and it prompted me that (among others) the following permissions are also being used by the app:


I want to remove these permissions specially ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION and READ_CONTACTS because my app does NOT use features related to these at all!

Play Store has a new policy for app developers to declare via a Video how background location is being used. Unless this is resolved I won’t be able to publish my app to Play Store.

Additionally, apps/developers who use these permissions without any usage of these, are not respected by end users and Play Store. Please help.

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While downloading the APK file, the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission is enabled since 2 days. Hence while uploading the App in Google Play Store, they ask “why we need background location access” while both the apps which I was trying to upload clearly doesn’t need this access. Is there any way I can remove these permissions in Thunkable?
I saw a similar post here 2 years back and it said it was fixed but its back again.

@agha96mujm @drted @Deluxe @bmh1974 @shiv1512 @sinu.mathewj @isazaly @strazco

Currently trying to ascertain whether this is due to any update on our end or if Google have updated their policy/rolled up a previously announced policy change.

Can you give me a better picture of what’s happening here?

  1. Are you updating an existing app or publishing for the first time?
  2. Does your app contain a Webviewer?
  3. Does your app use AdMob?
  4. Does your app use the Map component?


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