SOLVED: Combining Lesson 1 and 2

Hi, I am just getting started in thunkable, although I am experienced in other platforms. I am trying to combine lesson 1 and 2 of the tutorials (Playing a COW sound and then using text to speech to say “I can talk. Can you?”) but I keep getting an error when I combining my working code from lesson 1 and 2.

How should this be achieved?

Hi @dianapringer51, welcome to the Community! :wave:

I’ve gone ahead and recreated your blocks. This is what works:

Link to project.

Notice on the in Sound1 call Play block, there is no output. There should be an error message block here. Sometimes this happens, this can be caused by many factors but it is a rarity.

Can you remove the play sound block and re-add it? Also when live testing maybe turn your ringer on/silent mode off on your device just in case that is causing an issue. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


I’ve just noticed you’ve changed the title to “solved” but haven’t marked the topic as solved. Can you please also mark your answer as solved if this is the case? Thanks.

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